Filming Location Match

Filming Location Match


23rd to 24th November, 2016


Kumamoto Prefecture


ATDC attendees (Japanese/oversea scriptwriters and producers of TV drama, requires booking in advance)

About the tour

The oversea participants visit potential filming locations as one of the host's promotion of the visited region. The location matching is arranged in cooperation with Kyushu Tourism Promotion, local government, tourism organizations, and film commission. They accompany as coordinators at the location matching so that the participants are able to get directly into the business. We expect the filming of the affected area from the earthquake occurred in April 2016 to be broadcasted through oversea media and SNS so that the harmful rumors will be dispelled.

Kyushu Promotion

Visit to potential film locations and the promotion of the area by local coordinators.

Welcome Party

Conference, BtoB(business meeting)

Filming Location Match